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Arkay Beverages is the leader in refreshing non- alcoholic spirits, and our superior products have made us the most awarded non-alcoholic spirit beverage company globally.

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Arkay Products

Arkay Beverages Inc alcohol-free spirits range from whisky to rum to tequila to pina colada, mojitos, and margaritas.

We make non-alcoholic cocktails that taste and burn just like real alcohol, only without the negative health side effects.


The flavor of Arkay orange napoleon alternative is rich and slightly sweet with syrupy mouthfeel. Strong orange flavors mixed with a hint of refreshing bitter orange and zesty mandarin bite.


It can taste different depending on the quality of the peppermint leaves, it is called peppermint, and it does have a peppery taste. This is a big part of the flavor of peppermint liquor. It is also a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet


Blue Curaçao is made from Lahara orange peels, so it is influenced by this citrus taste a lot. Blue Curaçao is the liqueur everyone wants to drink.

Reynald Vito Grattagliano

Featured in Amazing Inventions Innovation Network for Humanity.

It is today’s trend, safe for women and men, it is complicated yet so simple to make.

It appeals to any culture, at any age, a reflection of Reynald’s worldwide expertise

Happy Customers

Great concept. Alternative for those who can’t drink and want to party and don’t want be in the news paper next day for a DWI lol



Jorge Garcia

ArKay is pretty innovative in this space. I’ve tried others that don’t give me the feeling or taste of whiskey. The cinnamon whiskey tastes exactly like fireball. My guests at a recent party trying to have kids loved coming up with mocktails for everyone to enjoy!
Mike Sweeney

I have purchased Arkay for several years. The quality and taste is great and extremely close to the real thing if not spot on. Shipping is always fast and customer service is always great!


Britt Thew

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